1.   Considering the gravity of this measure, the College shall act with utmost circumspection and due consideration of extenuating circumstances in dismissing any student.­

2.   Prime reasons for dismissal shall be the student's failure to abide by our attendance and doing tasks that are assigned by the instructors whetever it is scored or not.

3.   Apart from the above, management and individual coordinators shall have the authority to announce and duly post other grounds for dismissal, provided they can be reasonably construed as preventing effective campus or classroom management, e.g. disruptive classroom behaviour (eating, drinking, swearing), unauthorized use of alcohol or illegal drugs, violence against persons or property, possession of weapons, verbal abuse or intimidation, theft, and gambling.

4.   Unless circumstances warrant immediate dismissal ,dismissal shall follow a three-step process of first written warning, second or final written warning, and dismissal from the College.

5.   Instructors are strongly advised to precede the first written warning with an unmistakable verbal warning.

6.   Instructors and coordinators shall be allowed reasonable leeway to exercise their best professional judgment in applying this dismissal policy. They shall confer with colleagues and management when any situation can be considered borderline.

7.   Immediate dismissal shall only be considered in a situation of evident physical risk to instructor and/or other students. In this particular case, the instructor shall notify College management and administration without delay and submit a written report within 2 working days.

8.   At any point in the dismissal process, the student shall have the right to invoke the College dispute policy. In this instance, the dismissal policy shall be suspended and the dispute policy shall be allowed to follow its normal course, up to and including third-party arbitration.

9.   Changes in the dismissal policy shall be clearly communicated to all staff and students on campus. Changes in the dismissal policy shall be effective immediately, though not retroactively.