Refunds in Cases of Withdrawal or DismissalWritten Notice 


a)   To initiate a refund for withdrawal, written notice must be provided indicating that the refund is due to an official purpose and an offical document should  be provided by the student  to show the purpose.


b)   The written notice of withdrawal may be delivered in any manner provided that a receipt or other verification is available that indicates the date on which the notice is delivered.


c)   No refund is available for dismissal.


d)    The notice of withdrawal or dismissal is deemed to be effective from the date it is delivered.




Refund Entitlement 


a) Refund entitlement is calculated on the total tuition fees due under the contract, less the applicable non-refundable application or registration fee. Where total tuition fees have not yet been collected, the institution is not responsible for refunding more than has been collected to date and a student may be required to make up for monies due under the contract.


b) If the institution has received fees in excess of the amount it is entitled to under the student contract, the excess amount must be refunded.


c) Registration fee, materials fee, and VAT are excluded from the refund.